While the renovation has made clear some of the more obvious/visual changes to the Stock Exchange Hotel, others have to be experienced… or better yet, tasted!

The Stockie Kitchen is now serving a range of new meals from lunch, through to dinner & late. We’ve stayed true to our Pub origins on one hand, but also brought some quality pub food flare to our new menu.

Head chef, Daniel McDonagh, has recentally joined the culinary team, bringing with him flavour styles that range from mouth watering steaks and other pub classics to a more upmarket bistro style dining experience.

But while the chefs are in the kitchen, the bar staff are certainly mixing things up! New beers on tap as well as bottled craft and premium brews to quench thirsts from a hard day’s work.

If something sweeter is tempting your tastebuds, look no further than our revamped cocktail list! Drinks of every colour and flavour under the sun, mixed with premium spirits from our fresh, new backbar.

Whether it’s a quick bite to eat or a sit down dinner, a couple of beers with the boys or a few cocktails with the girls, the new Stock Exchange Hotel has you more than covered for a great time.